Here are Answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Long has Keith Craft Performance Engines been in business?

A: 20 years

Q: What type of Engines Does Keith Craft Build?

A: Anything from mild street engines to full blown drag race or circle track engines.

Q: How Long does it take to have a Engine Built?

A: About 6 weeks most of the year, we may get closer to 10 weeks during the busy season.

Q: How is the Engine shipped to me?

A: We begin by bolting the engine to an engine cradle, then bolt the cradle to a pallet. Once everything is secure we build a wood box around the engine for protection. Engines will normally be shipped through Fed Ex Freight.

Q: What Racing Products Does Keith Craft Sell?

A: If it can be put in or on any SB/BB Ford or SB/BB Chevy we can get it.

Q: Will Keith Craft Performance Engines consult with me on my Engine to plan my build?

A: Our staff will work very closely with you to make sure your build is a one off build that is perfect for your application.

Q: Will my Keith Craft Performance Engine come with a warranty?

A: All Street/Performance engines come with a 2yr 24K mile Warranty. Any racing or use of any oils other Joe Gibbs Hot Rod Oil will void all warranties.

Q: Are these cookie cutter crate engines or can they be customized?

A: All engines are built to customer specs (ie. Custom camshaft, compression, colors, powder coating, and upgrades).

Q: What sets KCPE apart from other engine builders?

A: First: Attention to detail. We pride ourselves in creating a mechanical work of art. There will be no paint over-spray, smeared silicon, etc. Second: Machinery. We have some of the most up to date machinery and programing. There will be no worn out machines or tools cutting "close" to tolerance. Next: Customization. These engines will not be your "Run of the Mill" crate engine. All car specs and customer preferences will be considered in the build. Lastly: Our People. We are very honest and personable with each customer. Our experience is second to none; our newest employee has been here 8 yrs. We are all gear heads; we eat, sleep, and breath racing and hot rods. You will find us at racetracks every weekend with our own racing ventures.