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Craft Performance Engines Services

Block Machining

  • Pressure Test
  • Bake, Tumble, Crack Check, and Tap
  • Bore and Hone W/ Torque Plates
  • Line Hone
  • Hone Lifter Bores
  • Lifter Bore Bushings
  • Roller Cam Bearings
  • Blueprint Deck Height
  • Notch For Stroke
  • Machine For Double Roller Retaining Plate
  • Fill Block
  • Install Cam Bearings
  • Install Oil Galley and Freeze Plugs
  • Install oil Restrictors
  • Prep And Paint For Assembly
  • Lightening Programs

Cylinder Head Labor

  • Pressure Test
  • Bake, Tumble, Crack Check, and Tap
  • Install and Size Guide Liners
  • Install Hardened Seats
  • Competition Valve Job
  • Machined For Seals
  • Machined For Cups
  • Mill Heads
  • Angle Mill Heads
  • Machined for Screw In Studs
  • Flow Test
  • CNC Port

Balancing Work

  • Electronic Balance
  • Install Mallory
  • Machine Weights off
  • Drill Cranks
  • Check Bobweights

Dyno Test and Tuning

  • Carburetor
  • EFI
  • Dry Sump

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